AHA Exfoliation Bundle

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If your skin is in need of looking smoother and healthier this is the perfect set for you. The main ingredient in this set is AHA, also known as Alpha hydroxy Acids. This ingredient helps to exfoliate and reveal glowing smoother skin.  Great for all skin types including dry, mature, blemish-prone, combination and normal.

Benifits of AHA

-Promote collagen production

-Reduce appearance of wrinkles and surface lines

- Help minimize and correct discoloration


Mini: 2 oz Watermelon Cleanser , 2 oz Calming Toner , 0.5 oz AHA Moisturizer, 1 oz Watermelon Gel Mask  

Full Size : 4 oz Watermelon Cleanser, 4 oz Calming Toner , 2 oz AHA Moisturizer, 2 oz Watermelon Gel Mask  

*Ensure the use of suncreen as AHA increase the skins sensitivity to the sun*

Items included in this bundle cannot be substituted for an item not included.